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Grow Fertilizer

Token Grow’s Grow 10-4-8 fertilizer provides plants with growth-enhancing elements that optimize vegetative advances. This complete, growth-promoting fertilizer is crafted for established plants to produce lush foliage and shoots.

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All The Essential Elements

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Complete Plant Nutrition

Grow 10-4-8 builds on our premium foundation of primary plant essentials and our proprietary blend of supporting nutrients with added vegetation-boosting benefits. See rich foliage like never before. Complete plant nutrition and superior vegetative growth in a single product – without ever measuring a drop of fertilizer.

Ideal For Vegetative Growth

Token Grow’s Grow 10-4-8 fertilizer maximizes the vegetative capabilities of your plants. Designed with established plants in mind, Grow 10-4-8 serves as an alternative to our All-Purpose 7-9-9 fertilizer for growers seeking more aggressive vegetative growth. We’ve improved on our original growth-promoting recipe by teaming fast-acting primary nutrients with additional slow-release nitrogen from fish hydrolysate and other expertly sourced natural ingredients. Grow delivers complete nutritional support, kicked up a notch by steady, extended nitrogen release.

High Nitrogen Fertilizer

Grow 10-4-8 keeps growth-enhancing nitrogen in the spotlight. Plants need nitrogen in larger quantities than any other single nutrient. When growing goals include bold vegetative advances, added nitrogen is essential – and, because plants use it in large quantities, it demands frequent replenishment. Every metabolic process in plants, including photosynthesis, depends on nitrogen’s presence in forms like those in Grow, which keep the nutrient ready and available to plants.

A Foliage Boosting Formula

Nitrogen in our Grow 10-4-8 formula supports outstanding vegetative growth while providing the complete, fundamental foundation plant energies and proteins require. Increased nitrogen over our All-Purpose recipe keeps plants focused first on green leafy growth and second on flower and fruit production. Nutrient absorption relies on adequate nitrogen for efficient water use and subsequent uptake. Without it, plant stem strength and leafy green growth become a thing of the past. Grow 10-4-8’s fast-acting nitrogen fuels immediate uptake and outstanding vegetative response.

Phosphorus For Root Development

Phosphorus in our Grow 10-4-8 manages root development, stability and stem strength in established plants, while still stimulating bud set, hastening maturity, and promoting superior flower and seed formation. By keeping the relative nitrogen-to-phosphorus ratio higher than our all-Purpose formula, Grow provides complete flower and bud support without inhibiting nitrogen’s growth-enhancing impact.

Rich in Potassium For Strong Stems

Potassium in Grow 10-4-8 complements higher, faster-acting nitrogen levels through all- round foundational support for all growth processes. This enables slow- and fast- release nitrogen to augment each other more effectively, while other elements continue to nourish overall plant health, growth and strength.

It's All In The Proportions....

Grow 10-4-8 offsets higher nitrogen content with proportionately increased ratios of calcium and magnesium. Calcium enables optimal nitrogen utilization to support increased needs of growing points engaged in vigorous growth. Highly soluble magnesium nitrate enhances nitrogen uptake and support nitrogen as it activates enzymes needed for more aggressive growth. The addition of EDTA chelated micronutrients ensures continued micronutrient availability, even in pH-challenged conditions.

Balanced and Easy To Use

For those wondering, one packet of our pre-measured, easy-to-use Grow 10-4-8 fertilizer soaked in 5 gallons of water according to our label directions yields an additional 600 ppm, along with significant elements from natural sources that don’t register in TDS measuring equipment. Applied at full strength, our Grow recipe supplies the same nutrition as synthetics applied at 1000 to 1200 ppm strength.

Worry-free, easy-to-use premium vegetative enhancement and complete plant nutrition. Token Grow’s Grow 10-4-8 Fertilizer provides your answer and your advantage.

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Size: 40 grams
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