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Bloom Fertilizer

  • For Flowering and Ripening
  • High P Mix
  • Works With Tap Water
  • Fortified With Trace Elements

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All The Essential Elements

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Token Grow’s Bloom 6-12-9 is a high P mix designed for late flowering. Bloom-enhancing elements for max yields.

Complete Bloom Fertilizer

Bloom Fertilizer 6-12-9 provides all the plant essentials backed by our special blend of trace nutrients, topped with extra flower power. Complete plant nutrition and bloom enhancement in a single product – without ever measuring a drop of fertilizer.

For The Later Stages

Token Grow’s Bloom 6-12-9 fertilizer enhances flower and bud production, bringing your plants to their full flowering potential. Designed as a 1-2 punch to our All-Purpose 7-9-9 fertilizer, Bloom Fertilizer provides a one-stop blend for budding We’ve refined our original bloom recipe with quick-acting forms of P, and bumped up EDTA chelated micros to support the extra P. This newly enhanced Bloom formula works as a complete, stand-alone product for blooms and buds.

High P Blend

Phosphorus takes center stage in Bloom 6-12-9. No other element plays a more important role in flowers and fruit, as it ties directly to specific plant growth factors. Root development, stem strength, earlier and more uniform maturity, improved flower production and heightened fruit quality all depend on it. Bloom 6-12-9 uses increased levels of fast-acting phosphorus to go beyond the All-Purpose basics and spur quick uptake and dynamic bud support.

For Blooms And Buds

Bloom 6-12-9 makes an ideal alternative to All-Purpose 7-9-9 as flowering plants move into later growth stages. Phosphorus collects in the tips of new growth in young plants, but moves freely through plant tissue in response to growth. As plants mature, phosphorus moves to buds and flowers to enhance bud set and development. During late flowering, hungry buds take up more phosphorus than nitrogen or potassium – if and when phosphorus remains available. Shortages impair quantity and quality, but the high-quality phosphorus sources in Bloom 6-12-9 help push harvests toward perfection.

Works With Tap Water

By balancing phosphorus with added nutrients, Bloom 6-12-9 also helps overcome poor water quality in tap water. Soil and water pH affect phosphorus more than any other plant nutrient. Without the balance Bloom offers, phosphorus may become bound and never be absorbed. Even worse, it can limit or prevent the uptake of other essential nutrients, such as iron and zinc – the micronutrient most commonly behind limited yields. Our Bloom 6-12-9 formula increases amounts of these and other micros to ensure continued micronutrient availability.

Nitrogen in our Bloom 6-12-9 formula supports sturdy vegetative growth, but it fulfills its essential role without robbing energy from flowers and fruit. With the increased phosphorus-to-nitrogen ration over our All-Purpose formula, critical metabolic processes receive foundational support, but bud development and enrichment remain the plant’s focus. Expertly blended nitrogen sources ensure plants process water and nutrients – including phosphorus – efficiently, whatever the growing medium.

Potassium in Bloom 6-12-9 provides the same time-tested support found in our All- Purpose fertilizer. This all-round growth enhancer undergirds improved bud production while nourishing strong, lush growth. Improved hydration, disease and drought resistance, superior taste and boosted aromatic oils get their start with our premium potassium sources – boosted to new heights by Bloom’s high-quality phosphorus.

Bloom 6-12-9 also delivers calcium for proper nitrogen utilization and plant vigor, but keeps levels low enough not to bind phosphorus uptake. Added magnesium – central to the chlorophyll molecule itself – supports phosphorus uptake and additional nutrient absorption as it aids delivery from your Token Grow solution to plant tissues.

The Perfect Mix Every Time

For the ppm-minded, one packet of our pre-measured, easy-to-use Bloom 6-12-9 fertilizer soaked in 5 gallons of water according to our label directions yields an additional 800 ppm. That’s an extra 150 ppm of immediately available phosphorus and 50 ppm of phosphorus over our All-Purpose recipe. And don’t forget the significant elements from natural sources that don’t register in TDS measuring equipment.

Easy-to-use, error-free premium bloom enhancement and complete plant nutrition in a single product. Token Grow’s Bloom 6-12-9 Fertilizer delivers what your plants need.

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Size: 40 grams
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