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All-Purpose Fertilizer

Token Grow’s All-Purpose 7-9-9 formula covers your bases with essential nutrients your plants need from germination through harvest.

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All The Essential Elements

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Complete Plant Nutrition

All-Purpose 7-9-9 delivers an optimal balance of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, backed by our proprietary blend of supporting nutrients. Complete plant nutrition and outstanding productivity – without ever measuring a drop of fertilizer.

Our Flagship Formula

Token Grow’s All-Purpose 7-9-9 fertilizer has been our flagship formula since the beginning. We’ve tweaked that original recipe to new heights with enhancements such as fish hydrolysate and additional EDTA chelated micronutrients that boost availability of the essentials to your crop. This new and improved version of our time-honored top-seller delivers a critical balance of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium – the essential nutrients your plants need more than any others.

For All Stages Of Growth

With primary plant essentials backed by a supporting micronutrient blend, our All-Purpose 7-9-9 earns the stamp of approval for every stage of plant growth. Used at three-fourths strength on seedlings and full strength on established plants, All-Purpose Token Grow lays a secure, quality-boosting foundation that enhances strength and productivity from stems to aromatic oil and resin.

The Perfect Blend Of Macros

The nitrogen in our natural-based All-Purpose 7-9-9 stimulates strong, rich, vegetative growth while promoting flower and fruit development. And it shortens your time to harvest. With this essential in place, every one of your plants’ metabolic processes, including photosynthesis, gets support. It also enables efficient water and nutrient use in traditional soil or deep-water-culture hydroponics.

All-Purpose 7-9-9’s slightly higher phosphorus ratio backs extensive root growth and flower production. This favored formula emphasizes natural phosphorus sources for consistent, ongoing release and uptake. Every part of the flowering and fruiting process is enhanced. Improved germination and seedling development, and root and stem strength all benefit, too. The all-purpose balance speeds maturity, stimulates and enhances bud set – and delivers exceptional results with DWC hydroponics.

Potassium in All-Purpose 7-9-9 promotes stronger stems and lush, thick leaves in a time-tested balance fit for soil or hydroponics. Essential for photosynthesis, this all-round growth enhancer fuels leaf hydration, strong roots and stems, and improves disease and drought resistance. Bud quality, firmness, shape, size and taste – along with oil content – get the potassium boost.

...And don't forget the secondary and trace nutrients

All-Purpose 7-9-9 also delivers complementary calcium – essential to nitrogen utilization – to support new growing tips above and below ground, including roots, leaves and buds. Added magnesium – central to photosynthesis – supports the use of all the other essential nutrients and gets them through plant tissue to where you need them.


The Perfect Mix Every Time

If you’re keeping score, one packet of our pre-measured, easy-to-use All-Purpose fertilizer soaked in 5 gallons of water according to our label directions yields an additional 600 ppm plus -20 ppm of conductivity. Add to that, significant elements from natural sources that don’t register in TDS measuring equipment. Applied at full strength, our natural-based, all-purpose recipe supplies the same nutrition as synthetics applied at 1000 to 1200 ppm strength.


Easy-care, worry-free premium plant nutrition. Token Grow’s All-Purpose 7-9-9 Fertilizer is your answer.

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Size: 40 grams
$4.99 per 5 gallon size.